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summer intesives for tall boys


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My son is 16 years old and 6'4" and has a very slender build. What SIs would be good for him to attend? He is very frustrated with partnering classes because he is paired with the tallest girls in the class but he is not strong enough to lift them. He works out a lot in the gym and does lots of pushups but he has not developed adult muscular structure yet. We hope to find an SI that works well with tall, slim boys.

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Coco, thank you for the reply. I'm a bit slow with acronyms. You are recommending San Fransisco Ballet School?

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Members, please be mindful of the Forum you are posting in. This is the "Parents of Boys" Forum---it is a special Forum and has requirements for posting. Unless you are a parent of a male dancer, you may not post in this Forum. If you feel you have useful information, please send it to one of the Forum Moderators (Hans, gcwhitewater, Mel Johnson) for consideration.


Thank you.

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one of the boys who has graduated from Kirov in washington (where my 15 yr old DS is a full time student) is on the tall and slender side and has happily gone through the vocational programme there. if you're worried about partnering I have a memory that the SI doesn't include much partnering (but you could call them up to check). A strong focus on developing strength and perfecting technique. The boys teacher is very good- my DS adores him...

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