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NBOC interview with Sonia Rodriguez

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Thanks, mom2, I enjoyed that. Now I'd love to see Alice's Adventures in Wonderland--CTV had their little news bar over the most interesting parts! :wallbash:


And I can tell that news guy a major difference between a dancer and an athlete...my brother just wandered in to talk about some sports guy who's been signed to a team for millions of dollars....to basically stand at a little white square and occasionally catch a ball. :whistling:

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Thanks for posting this, mom2! It's so nice to see ballet covered in the news and given more than a few seconds of air time with a respectful and intelligent interview. Thank you, Canada! And Sonia Rodriguez is so charming and natural. Can't wait to see "Alice in Wonderland" as soon as possible. It looks fantastic.

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I am always in awe of Sonia Rodriguez. I find she can dance anything and dance it convincingly. Young ingenue? Sure! Seductive woman? Sure! Very classical choreography? Sure! Very modern choreography? Sure! Remarkable.


Also on TV yesterday, Rick Mercer visited the NBoC on his show. He rehearsed with Sonia Rodriguez (Alice discovering Wonderland) and Robert Stephen (Mad Hatter), visited the wardrobe people and was fitted for a costume. He was his usual goofy self :) I'm sure it is/will be posted on the CBC website.

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That was hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm still laughing as I type.


(check out how high all the dancers at the back jump at the very end. You don't see that every day!)

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Just in case those of you outside Canada are unable to view the Rick Mercer segment on CBC (I know my daughter could not access it), I am posting a link to it on Youtube. (This is the Rick Mercer Report YouTube channel so it is authorized and completely legitimate):




I do love Rick Mercer!

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I love Rick Mercer almost as much as I loved Alice. I had a chance to see the production last week and it's a fabulous show, see it if you can.

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I really enjoyed these links mom2! Thank you! Is Rick Mercer a regular TV personality in Toronto? He is hilarious! And we so enjoyed the piece on Sonia Rodriguez!

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Thanks! I will try to watch him one day!

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