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Question About U.S. Companies' "Off Season"


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Hello All,


I'm just curious. Many professional U.S. ballet companies have "seasons" that run something like September - May, September - April, (I've even seen some like December - May). I think this is a shame considering many European companies (even the small ones) have longer seasons... ofcourse I understand the whole funding bit. But I was wondering what do dancers do during these 4-5 months stints? How do they stay in shape, make a living, etc.?

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Many of them head home to their "home school's" summer intensive, teach somewhere, or develop relationships with choreographers who run summer performance options.

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In terms of making a living, they double up on whatever other job they kept during the year if possible. DD teaches during the year and puts all that money into savings to help cover summer. There always seems to be someone teaching class at her company during the off season that dancers just have to sign up to go to and then they also take the SI classes when possible. While she cross trains during the season, she much more consistent with yoga, pilates and visiting the gym during summer also. As Clara76 has stated, there are also many opportunities for summer dance/performance that they can engage in. It sometimes takes a couple of years to get your name in the pot for those.

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