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SOLUTION! White performance tights issue


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So the biggest issue we're having is the see-thru white performance tights. We've bought every brand out there and they are all see-thru to some degree. Being 13 he's still quite shy about people seeing his dance belt lines. (He says they aren't "panty lines" they are "Man'ty lines" {facepalm}, and eyeliner for performance? "Guy-liner"....)



Found the solution!!! I bought a pair of the women's nude colored convertible body tights (like $12 Body Wrappers) and he put those on over the dancebelt. Over that he put the high waisted (has suspender like things) white MStevens performance tights....PRESTO...not see-thru!!!

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Just a thought- my DS who is at vocational school in the US says all the boys there wear M Stevens but, partly because in the UK M Stevens don't exist and I tend to buy his kit here and send it out, he has always worn more cottony leggings/tights which are the norm here. In actual fact he much prefers them (he does have one pair of M Stevens bought for him in the US) because they are less sweaty and also less see through. Some of the boys in his school say they much prefer his leggings (though his dance teacher isn't so keen for some reason). The ones we get are intermezzo and the company does send abroad if you phone them (they sent some direct to the states last time he needed new ones). The link is https://dancewear.co.uk/products/details&prodid=1925 they come in black and white...

Hope this helps!

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We wear M. Stevens white with virtually no problem with being able to see through them. My almost 13 year old is self-conscious about seeing his dance belt too. The BEST advice we've received, however, is to use dove gray (also M. Stevens brand) for an even less transparent outcome....they look white on stage!

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Ohhhhh ! Great advice !!! A really big "Thank You" for this! My DS wore white tights last yr and even though they were M.Stevens, he still was a little weirded out by the white. Dove grey sounds like a super alternative. Awesome !!!

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