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Recitals/Performances Anyone?


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Just wondering how many of you adults performed this year in recitals? We just completed ours on June 8th. There is another one at my other studio on June 23rd.


Anyone else perform? Love to hear about it.



Barbara :D

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Our school (Academy of Classical Ballet in Denver) performed COPPELIA the first weekend in June. The school's philosophy is that performing is a valuable part of every dancer's training, so participating is encouraged for everyone - kids, teens, adults, no matter what level they are at. The school mounts 2 performances every year: a NUTCRACKER in November and something from the classical canon each May. Both are fully costumed and done as professionally as possible, considering the varied abilities of the students.


We roped in the audience with the promise of a classical ballet, but the first act was separate and performed by the kidlets. Way too cute! In order to see what was going on, I volunteered to be the curtain puller and got a prime view of 4 year olds getting lost on stage. Solos from PAQUITA by the school's top teens en pointe kept the action moving forward.


Our school combines teen and adult classes, and the result is dynamic. It means classes can be offered at all levels several times a week, so everyone can fit them into their personal schedule. Good thing too, because during rehearsal time lots of us were taking extra classes to be on our best form for the performance.


COPPELIA was cut down to "reader's digest" size to accomodate our corps. Still, you could follow the plot synopsis pretty well. Like many ballets, the synopsis is ludicrous: "Dr. Coppelius puts a life sized doll in his shop window. The villagers believe the doll to be real, so gather to dance a lively Mazurka." It's a bad idea to go to a ballet or a ###### film because of the plot.


I gather from others that performance opportunities for adult amateur ballet students are few and far between, so I feel lucky to be part of this group.


As a group dedicated to performing, we even have a sectional sprung floor we cover the stage surface with, then top that with Marley. It makes for a nice dance surface instead of an unhelathy and unfun stiff concrete stage. Sometime I'll tell you how much fun it is laying and removing it (NOT).

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What a wonderful opportunity you have there! I'm really envious. I'm sure that there are other companies here in L.A. who do this, we are pretty lucky to be in an entertainment city, but so few ballets - big touring companies.


Thanks so much for sharing your information - pretty ambitious, and so very cool! I hope some day to be in a larger dance production, but I'll take the smaller recitals over no performance opportunity anyday.


All I can say is wow! :cool:

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