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Colorado Ballet audition


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I was wondering if anyone out there has auditioned for the Colorado Ballet company? And if so, what the audition was like and what kind of dancers they attract? I just want to get the lay of the land before I put myself out there. I don't feel ready (do any of us ever feel ready?) but my clock is ticking. I am 27 and this will be my first professional audition (don't worry...I've been dancing since I was 12). The audition is on Feb 3 at their studios in Denver in case anyone wants to join me!



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Hi dbrasee85. Welcome to our forum. I'm going to link you to an older thread where there is some information about the Colorado Ballet Audition. It was in our 2011 Company Audition Journeys thread here.


Then I'll invite you to take a look at our forums Auditions: Pro Companies and then also our Career and Dance Education Forum to see if there is any information there to help you.


I just put our 2013 Company Audition Journey threads up today. So feel free to also ask your question there to see if anyone with last year's information can help you. As well, I will be working today to combine all last year's Company Audition Journey threads into an Archive that you can check later today.


Welcome and Merde'. Since I'm linking you elsewhere. Please let me know when you've seen this so I can close this thread.

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Thank you so much for the information!

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