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Sansha Pro Ballet flats: What's up with the eternal out-of-stock??


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I last ordered them in the spring for son's SI and they never arrived. Finally cancelled order. Found last pair at local (poorly stocked for men's items) dance supply store, and learned they couldn't order more. Next shoes had to order Sansha Silhouettes which worked fine, but aren't available at Discount Dance, so will have to drive back to local (okay, >45 min away) dance shop and HOPE they have SOMEthing in ds's size that will fit. He's worn toe holes in his black shoes. Found some leather Silhouettes on Amazon to tide us over (bought their LAST pair in stock btw). Praying they aren't on super-secret back order. So that makes TWO Sansha ballet flats in men's sizes that are semi-permanently sold out, with no equivalent replacement on the horizon. Seriously debating if I should learn to Make ballet shoes for my son just in case he never finds anything else he likes...

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Is your local store carrying something in place of the Sanshas? My local store has started replacing Sanchas with Capezio Sculpture II, and my son found that he liked the even better than the Sanchas that he's been wearing for years (the fact that the elastics are pre-sewn may have something to do with that!).

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Presewn elastics! I may have to have DS try them. If I won the lottery the first thing I would do would be to spring for someone else to sew elastics!!!

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I had heard that these were not being made any longer. We ended up switching to Capezio Fusion shoes bc my sons feet are very wide. We had the white Romeos but they were too tight. Some studios dont like the Capezios tho bc they arent a traditional looking ballet shoe. They kinda look like a Highland shoe. But his arch is beautiful in them.

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