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"Slicing" in the foot


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I do have tight hamstrings, so that's probably a big part of it. It's better now than it used to be--I can now actually touch my toes--but it took a long time to get there, and I lose it pretty fast if I don't work on it.


I've actually never iced my muscles because I'm scared to--once when I was sore after class, I went out and played in the snow for a few hours (snow here, despite being in Canada, is fleeting and should be enjoyed while it lasts). I ended up with those little hard knots. But my sister's friend's mother is a physical therapist, and she's always telling me to ice sore things--calves, feet, back, but I don't want to, after that experience. Actually, how do you tell when to ice and when not to?

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Well, here's where a doctor comes in handy- :wink:

When in doubt, RICE

R= rest

I- Ice

C= compression

E= Elevate

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Right. Working on R right now. Christmas break probably came at a good time.


I'll report back after the osteo appointment.

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Sounds good!!!!!!

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