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Ballets: Nutcracker

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This is a lovely article about The Nutcracker: http://www.telegraph...site-fruit.html


I know that as a ballet it doesn't always get much respect from some balletomanes but I think it deserves to be appreciated on its own terms. I still love many of the children's books I loved as a child which doesn't mean that I read only children's books.


(Moderators, I assumed this forum would have a thread on The Nutcracker to which I could add this post. I couldn't find one so I started this one but please move if it already exists.)

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The Nutcracker is like my favorite thing ever! We just got done with ours a few weeks ago. :'( I loved my parts so much. :(:)

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OK, I see now that there is a thread (or more than one) under "The" Nutcracker which is the correct name, I believe. Moderators - my apologies. Please feel free to relocate this.

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The Nutcracker is my favorite ballet! A few years ago I was going to audition for the part of an angel but alas, they had height requirements and I was too tall. :) It's such a great ballet

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