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Boys wearing tights


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My sons school has a strict uniform. Black tights,black canvas ballet slippers,black tap shoes and white leotard. My son is required to get dressed at the academy and he hates having to put his dancebelt on with the others boys his age. After getting dressed there they wait outside the classroom for class to start and he feels embarrassed in his outfit waiting there. My son is 17 and the other is 10. Both have the same issue.

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How long has your son been training? The feeling he is having is one that usually wears off after a while. The uniform you speak of is the norm for male dancers. While waiting in the hall he may want to wear a cover-up, or warm-ups, until he has to enter the studio.


I will add that a "quilted" style dancebelt will be more discreet.

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rhino32, your profile indicates that you are a male dancer. However, your posts indicate that you are the male dancer's parent. :) Would you be so kind as to edit your profile to reflect your actual status. It makes it soo much easier knowing with whom one is talking, not to mention the confusion it causes in certain restricted Forums. :)

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The uniform is similar at our studio. My son prefers to put on his dance belt and tights at home with street clothes over his dance attire. He then finishes dressing/ changing at the dance academy in their changing area. Are there many other boys at his studio? The uncomfortableness of the waiting area tends to fade faster when there are more boys similarly dressed.

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My son (the older one - 11) puts on his dance belt & tights at home if at all possible, as he doesnt like to change in front of the 'big' boys. My younger son (7) just got his first dance belt & tights. He could care less where he changes. I guess he's not old enough yet to care.

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My son was very, very embarressed at first, but after he realized how much he wanted to dance, the embarressment totally wore off rather quickly, and it doesn't even phase him now.

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Mine too. He was horrified at the dance belt (had been wearing a full seat dance brief) but once he realised it was 'normal' and not optional he just did it. He still doesnt really like the belt and opts for the brief whenever he can! There is no way he would change into one with anyone around so yes, he would have that one (plus his tights) before he goes to dance. Failing that he would change in a toilet cubicle. I know this has been recommended many many times but look up Doctor Dancebelt. This website may give your DS some info and tips.

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