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Split sole or full sole ballet slippers


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I have been searching around on the Internet for a while but have been getting mixed thoughts on weather split sole or full sole ballet slippers are best. I am a beginner and need to know what kind of shoe to get. Any input would be appreciated!

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It is a matter of personal choice, teal. Neither is "best". Many dancers prefer the split sole, but many also like the full sole. Try them on and see which feels better to you.

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Thank you very much! I heard that full sole shoes work your foot better and make your feet stronger for pointe. Is that true?

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Some people seem to think so. Personally, I think that the way one works make the feet better and stronger, and not any particular shoe. Just my opinion, but all you will find is opinion on this kid of thing. There are no statistics to prove one way or another. :wink:

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