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Should I Start Dance?

Mike M

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Ok a little background about my self, I swim competitively and I'm 15. This is fine but I recently realized I have an obsession with ballet, however I never do anything if I can't be one of the best at (this is the reason I started swimming). Anyways the root of my question is I'm 6'2" in excellent shape and have amazing hip turnout. If I start dancing now can I be dancing at a high (professional or almost professional) level by the time I graduate. I'm willing to dance 2-3 hours a day because I already do that for swimming. Any opinions welcome and thank you.

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There is no way to predict how quickly you will advance and how good you will be. Dancing requires much more than the "right body" and discipline (although the right body and the discipline certainly help). When you say "when you graduate" I'm assuming you mean 18 ... which means 3 years. It is unlikely that you will be ready for a professional career in 3 years, even with the best training, but for boys, starting at 15, a professional career isn't an impossibility. (I know of one very successful dancer from ABT that started in his teens). However, when you say "I never do anything if I can't be one of the best"....that statement makes me nervous. Most of us dance or danced, not because we wanted to dance, and not because we wanted to be the best. We danced because we HAD to dance. The first step is to find the right school and the right teachers, take class, and see how you like it. Becomming a ballet dancer is a way of life...3 hours per day would mean 2 classes per day. That would probably be fine at first, but I can remember at time when I was practially dancing all day when my training got really intense. Please make a post and let us know how you are doing...I'd love to follow your progress.

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Thank you for your reply and by professional career I was thinking mid early 20s not 18. I have decided to enroll in classes at ballet royale in Minnesota. If there is a better ballet studio around I'd like to hear about it, and I was wondering if its worth a 35 minute drive(one way) to train there. Further to clear up my statement about needing to be the best, I always start something because I have a passion for it but I have a hate to lose mentality. It helps drive me and it allows me to excel in things such as school and sports. If I don't perform to my peak as a result of lack of effort or desire I either need to move on or try harder. I will keep you updated, I will be dancing soon. The only reason I asked about professional dance was because I was throwing away a pretty good shot at some Division 1 Swimming scholarships but it's by no means a priority.

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You might want to make some sort of posting on Cross talk...there are some strict rules about posting on this site, and only men can post on the men's forum. They also don't allow the same thread on two forums...so not sure how you would do this...but there are certainly teachers and dancers on this site with very impressive experience and credentials who might be very helpful to you in selecting a school.

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