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Skirt or no skirt?


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I like to wear simple wrap skirts to class everyday. (Only solid colors.) My teachers don't have a preference on whether or not I wear them. Although, recently I was researching other schools for intensives, and the majority of companies say no skirt in their uniform policies! (Except for variation classes.) I am very confused, because I feel like my school is the only one who allows skirts. Is it appropriate to wear one for regular technique class? How many schools allow skirts? Sometimes, I feel like I need to wear one because the leotard doesn't look good without one. Help, please!

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Skirts are worn at the option of the school or teacher. Very often they are not allowed for technique class, but are allowed for pointe and variations. It is not a good idea to feel dependent on them, because there are many programs you might attend that would not allow them in the technique classes. Leotards, if they are nice one, cut well, and fit well, look very good without skirts. You need to get over that!

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Skirts are very cute, and sometimes recommended by the teacher. Other times the teacher forbids you to wear them to class. Check with your teacher before buying a skirt! (I have two and I'm not allowed to wear them to 4/5 of my weekly classes!

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