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Which SI might really help me?!


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*I am sorry if I posted this at the wrong place; I was debating if I should put it in the SI-General Topics! It seems to me that they have more questions about the how each program runs and selects people. Please move my post if it is necessary! Thank you!*




I have been looking into ALL the information about summer programs since about 2 months ago. This is not my first summer; last summer, I went to Joffrey NYC Young Dancer program. It was nice, though a little disoragainzed. It was last summer's experience that makes me want to plan for this summer seriously. I looked almost all the programs (I can't say I have found ALL the programs out there) and I have listed out the ones that I "like" and have audition in my city. However, even I have about 14 programs on my list, including my home studio one, I was told that I have NO chance this year.


I am 15 and this is my #2.5 year of dancing seriously. I have been en pointe for a year now and the pointe works are trained very carefully. I take roughly 15 to 18 hours (6 days a week) of ballet every week. Some classes are my level but some are lower level, so I can keep working on the fundamental things. I am not trying to be "better than others", but my goal is really to be good, to learn well because I love ballet. Love.


I know I am WAY behind girls in my age because they have been dancing since like they were 3. One teacher said to me that she knows I work hard, but I need extra helps to get to the level I should be in. I want that. The problem I have in the class is that I can't move smoothly. I know all the steps but I get panic when putting things together. Also, petit allegro is always very hard for me because I can't jump high for too long. So, I really want to spend my summer working on my weakness. Last summer, we spent half day doing other forms of dance; this year, I really, really want to do MORE ballet. I am trying CPYB .... since I was told (by a teacher!) that I have no chance, should I still try to go to some of the auditions? Will I embarrass myself for going? I don't know if I should just forget about my list and hold absolute NO hope.... =((((


Also, is there any program besides CPYB that I should serious look into? I might miss it....... when comes to start ballet late, everyone just tell me CPYB and nothing else!


Thank you for reading!

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Mia, there are a lot of programs out there, and you won't know unless you try. Take the auditions that you can, and see what happens. You know that you are a late starter, and behind where you should be for your age, but there are many good SI programs that will accept 15 year olds into lower level classes. CPYB is not the only program. And don't negate your own school's program either. It would not be a crime to stay home another year until you are more ready for some of the away programs. But take the auditions anyway, and see what happens. They are a good experience and an opportunity to take a class with a different teacher.


***Belle Balleto, your post was removed. Young Dancer Forum rules require a teacher/moderator to respond first before young dancers can add their experiences. And giving advice is not allowed at all on YD forums.

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Ms. Leigh,


Thank you very much for your reply. I went to NYC for an audition this past weekend! It was GREAT!! I never imagined that I can get so much out of one audition - not just from the teachers but from the pianist that we had and other dancers.


I don't think I have any chance to get in but I have seen a whole new level of dancing. Every girls are so on the top of everything, some girls have amazing musicality, some girls are really good at moving from one step into another, some girls work so hard and so determined ... and this is the first time, I saw guys (above 13) dancing!! In my home studio, we don't emphasize on the preparation (arms, heads) and the ending, but I now know how important this is! It might seem really stupid to do that when no one is doing it here, but I want to start doing it!


There are so much for me to learn! I thought I will be discouraged after the audition but I did NOT. I am more motived than before!! I am still not very sure about my summer, but I think I will rethink CPYB because I really want to clean up my tech and start learning how to move fast. =)

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Sounds like a good plan, Mia. But don't limit yourself to CPYB. While that would be good too, just do more auditions and see where you get accepted. It's good to have a choice. :)

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