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What does it come down to??


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How much of becoming a successful dancer is based on talent/gift for movement and how much is based on the body?

would a talented dancer in a audition be passed over for another dancer with a better looking body?



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That would depend on the kind of audition, and what the auditioners are looking for. I have known many very gifted young dancers who might not have as perfect a body as someone else, but they have something that the auditioner really likes and appreciates. There are no absolutes in this field, Dream2Dance. Every audition will be different, and company auditions will be very different from SI auditions. What is expected from dancers also changes in terms of their age and potential. Great potential is highly appreciated, for instance, in very young dancers. Once a dancer reaches the middle and upper teens, they need to have developed that potential through excellent training combined with their own dedication, passion, and work ethic.

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Thank- you for your reply It's nice to get a straight answer out of someone for once :) I asked this question because I get mixed responses about my dancing from various people around me... for example my friends and the general public really enjoy my perfomances whilst others have told me that no matter how good I am If I don't look "a certain way" nobody would want me :crying:

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