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Ok - I have nobody else to tell so.....


I have been 'promoted' to the advanced class! :huepfen:


I should state that there are only two levels. And just like beginners classes cover everything from 'first class ever' to 'a couple of years in,' the advanced stretches from those who are more 'improvers' like me, to professionals who just come along to take a daily class from time to time. I've been taking the barre of the advanced class after my beginners class for a few months now. But still....


So that means that instead of the two beginners classes I take, I'll do the advanced classes, and then the mixed class at the weekend.


And...... my teacher wants me to start working towards starting pointe work :o Which is very exciting indeed. It might be that the only thing I ever manage is standing at the barre, but that's ok by me - I never thought I'd even be looking at owning a pair of pointe shoes, so anything at all will be a massive achievement for me.


I have a horrible meeting at work tomorrow - and now I totally don't care!!

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How exciting is the thought of starting pointe! Marvelous news.

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Wow doormouse, good for you! Since I dreamed of pointe shoes my whole life but didn't start ballet until I was an adult, I TOTALLY get your joy! Way to go!

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