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older style Professional Mesh tights


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So, I understand that the salmon colored, mesh, run proof, seamed, convertible tights have been discontinued (Capezio Style #8). At least, none of the major dance retailers sell them anymore. Danskin also had a version, but I don't remember the style number.


Seems like Capezio has come out with a new Style #9 which I made the mistake of purchasing. The mesh is thicker and uglier and the seam is weird too--almost like a faux seam. What gives? The #8s were the best tights!! They last forever, take sewing when a hole happened, look fabulous on stage, and make legs look amazingly defined.


I see that Bloch, Body Wrappers, PrimaSoft, WearMoi, and a company called Theatricals have tights for sale with the major online retailers now, but after my experience with the new mesh Capezios, I'm a little scared to order them. Any idea on which tights might fill in the hole left by the loss of most wonderful seamed, mesh, professional tights?



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quote: "They last forever, take sewing when a hole happened,...."


Yep. I am perhaps a bit of a cynic, but I think that may have been part of the problem. You cannot sell as many of something if it lasts too long. :P

Planned obsolescence, we used to call it. ;)


That said, I have also not found anything quite comparable to the "old tights"; perhaps someone here has some advice!



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As an adult student, I don't wear these tights, but my DD does and she will be crushed that these are being discontinued! From what I've seen, the PrimaSoft seem nice - very soft Indeed, but not sure how they hold up. Plus, they are very pale.

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I hear you on this - I used to wear the Danskin equivalent, but they've stopped making them, too! I went on a quest for good mesh tights last year during Nutcracker, and tried both the Capezio #9 (which, as you say, were too thick and have a fake seam) and the #19 (which is much thinner, but rips if you look at it sideways).


I ended up trying the Bodywrappers ones (the style A45 ones - I think they're the "TotalSTRETCH Mesh Back Seam Convertible Tights", and I think they're a pretty happy medium. Not to thick, not too thin, nice seam, and the toe & heel are reinforced so they seem pretty durable. Might be worth checking out... I like them enough that I've replaced all of my pink tights with them (I think I have seven or eight pairs now!)

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oooh!! Thanks athena!!! I'll try it out. :)


for the record: I found a few pairs of the old capezios on ebay (am nervous to put that out there since I won't be buying any this month and I hope they aren't all bought).

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The Body Wrappers style A46 is most like the old-style professional mesh. My daughter first tried the A45 but it is very soft. Some might prefer that, but it is not really like the professional mesh I think you're referring to.

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I was hoping to find some as well. I bought the BodyWrappers, but they're not the same. Thanks for the update on the situation.

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I love the BodyWrappers #A45 mesh tights. I just got 3 pairs - they were ballet pink, however. I always feel like I'm playing russian roulette when it comes to choosing between "Ballet Pink" and "Theatrical Pink". I absolutely HATE the Capezio #9's. The thickness was almost legging-like, the elastic band is horribly uncomfortable - especially where it is sewn together into a seam in the back (digs into my spine), and the color is hideous. The color (which I can't recall its name) was like a vomitous orange pink. I washed them a million times to try and get them to fade and perhaps even "thin out" a bit. Not effective.


I loved the Bloch T0956L for the light color (very nice with Grishko & Russian Pointe shoes), the slight sheerness of the mesh, and the durability, but the cons of the T0956L to me was that there was little stretch in the mesh and the length seemed irregular. Size A was a bit short for me and I had to tug/adjust when putting them on, still it felt like sometimes the gusset would shift and become visible, and like the tights were never pulled up all the way. Size B, however, was on the larger size and because there was no stretch they would wrinkle and bag a bit.


Body Wrapper's #A45 mesh tights are that beautiful lighter pink color that most pointe shoes are - perhaps not as light as the Bloch T0956L, but maybe they will eventually fade to that ultra light pink after washings. The material is not as sheer as the Bloch tights, but they are definitely not as dense and uncomfortably thick like the Capezio #9's. They are truly seamed, have heel and toe reinforcement, and the material has good stretch and is quite durable (not a single snag while running around a huge hectic city going from class to class using multiple methods of public transportation - metro, cabs, motorcycles, tuk tuks). I really love these tights. My only complaint is that the waist goes waaaaay too high. I like tights that are a rather high in the waist, but this I could pull up to under my chest. That's extreme. I have to fold the waistband down to be able to wear these tights with low back leotards like Yumikos. Still, that's a minor flaw in my opinion!


Hate the original Prima Soft convertible tights. All that excess fabric around the convertible hole is awful and uncomfortable. I can't stand feeling all that bulky fabric under my feet/metatarsals. The color is also awful too.

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I always feel like I'm playing russian roulette when it comes to choosing between "Ballet Pink" and "Theatrical Pink".


YES. This.


Also, I will be needing new tights soon, and appreciate knowing which ones are high or low-waisted. I bought some low-waisted ones once because I'd purchased a couple of open-back leotards and my other tights came up too high and looked silly, but the low-waisted ones drove me up a wall. They kept creeping downwards, and the last thing I wanted to be doing was the leap-and-CLUTCH step, a la Ellen Tebbits!

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update: discountdance.com now has Capezio style #19 and is claiming these are the "classic mesh transition tight!!!!"

However, the reviews claim they are very susceptible to rips which has me doubting their authenticity. Anyone tried them?

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They've had the #19 for a while, but because of the negative reviews, I haven't yet tried them. I also just don't like the waistbands for most Capezio tights.

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