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Icing Feet


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My 14 year old dd has been told by many of her classmates that they ice their feet after every class. This is not done for a specific injury or condition, just as routine maintenance. Is this necessary? She does sometimes soak in Epsom salts and warm water when she feels that her feet are particularly sore, but not very often.

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This is likely something the dancers picked up at SIs. After a long day of dancing, icing the feet may help since icing helps with inflammation. However, there is a big difference in a long day at an SI and 3 hours in the evening at the home school. If feet are particularly pained or swollen after a class or long rehearsal day, then ice. If not, then don't.

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My DD has been icing her toe this week because it's bruised and hurting. I've seen her soak her feet in Epsom salt a few times after long days of dancing (classes + rehearsals). Janie Parker told her that she use to soak her feet in table salt to toughen them up! She said that Epsom salt will soften them. I thought that was very interesting.

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My DD iced her feet each night after her Clara performance during Nutcracker. A word of warning: the icing itself is quite painful. However, it did reduce the swelling before the next night's performance. I would not recommend it after regular classes. We did purchase a foot tub and Epsom salt for when she needs it after classes. I hope that helps.

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