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Found a great NYC beginner class-- instructor demonstrates every exerc


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As a beginner, I have a few regular classes I enjoy, but I am always looking to add to my roster. I recently found a new class that complements my other classes nicely-- in a totally different way. And it's taught by one of our own here on Ballet Talk, Willimus! I was curious about Willimus' adult beginner classes, which sounded like they were small (3-6 people), so I attended one last night over at Hamilton Dance Studio's satellite site in Brookyln (Greenpoint).


It was different than other classes I take in NYC in that Willimus demonstrates EVERY single exercise in full, and often does all the exercises with us. In my other classes, instructors simply mark the steps, only occasionally showing the movement in full. As a beginner, I have no frame of reference for what the exercises are supposed to really look like so it helps so much to see it (so that's what it means to keep your torso still!). Also, Willimus' joy in dancing was infectious-- you can tell he loves what he does and engages fully, which I find really motivating. I also loved how Willimus made us all feel comfortable but still challenged-- including beginners who were there for their first class, and others who had a little more experience. All in all, a really fun class with great technical corrections, a refreshing change from some of the other classes I am taking. Highly recommend!

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This sounds like a dream come true. Enjoy the classes w/ Willimus! All that you describe sounds like an ideal adult class. A teacher loving what they do -- evident to students -- being an inspriation, caring... sharing their art and knowledge... wonderful to find!!

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Way to go Willimus! If only all those teaching adult classes were making such an impact!


And lucky for you KikiM that you can attend!

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