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Hi everyone. So I've been dancing for 6 years and I'm 14 and I'm an okay dancer, at least to me. My teacher thinks I'm really good and pushes me to be better I have good extensions, I'm flexible and I have a good ballet body. So last year my teacher moved me up a level and now things are a lot harder then I'm used to and in repertoire class all the dances on pointe are very difficult and all the girls in the class are much better than me and my teacher for that class is very hard on me. I can't help comparing myself to the other girls and I can't keep up with some things in class. I'm so stressed over this and I don't know what I should do about it! Please give your advice!

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First problem: Comparing. Get over that yesterday. It helps nothing, and you CAN stop doing it.


Second problem: Stressing about any of the above! You have been moved into a more advanced level and obviously your teachers believe that you are ready to start learning the more difficult things, but they don't expect you to be executing them at the same level as the older and more advanced students. Therefore YOU should not expect that either! Watch them, yes, learn from those who do things well, but do NOT compare yourself to them at this time. Realize that ballet is a long, slow process, nothing happens over night, and you will get there in time. Patience is very key, as of course is a lot of hard work. But being stressed about not being at that level right after you are moved in there is not facing reality. So, get a reality check going here, and figure out how this new situation a totally positive one! That you CAN do! :D

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I agree with Miss Leigh! I would add that I, as a teacher, am harder on those who can handle it and who are ready to apply those corrections. With that said, you should also be considering your teacher being hard on you as a positive. My thoughts on your above statement is it is all positive...except for the comparing :thumbsup: . Reverse that Nike slogan: "Just DON'T do it".

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I know I used to compare myself with this girl at my studio all the time, and it didn't help anything. I will still sometimes compare myself to her or someone else but I try and not. Because honestly it does make you frustrated and for me just sort of mad. But when I stopped I know I've gotten better! Actually what I used to do when I tried to stop is just not look at her/them and now I can without comparing, I'm not sure if that's what Ms. Leigh would suggest but that's just what I did!

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I've had that problem too (and am dealing with it right now) and I've found that you shouldn't compare, but try to see what the dancer does that makes them so good and try to replicate that in your own dancing. It has helped me out a lot!

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I feel the same way sometimes too, but it's really helped to remember that comparing myself to others isn't going to make me any better. Sometimes it's just hard though when standing near someone in the center or going across the floor with someone.

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Picture the theatre and imagine the faces as you dance! Then, you'll be less likely to watch your fellow dancers, because you'll be more concerned about giving a good "performance". :)

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It's always natural for people to compare themselves to others, and I know I do it all the time too. Instead of comparing myself to other dancers now, I try to just focus on what I'm good at, and it gives me a boost of confidence! Even if it's just something small like the position of my hands, it always makes me feel better about myself!

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