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Videos: Series from BBC Wales about the Elmhurst School of Ballet

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I watched this 4 part series a couple of weeks ago with my daughter. It was nicely done and I think gave a good insiders view of what it's like to attend a full-time ballet program. At least this is what my daughter tells me. Thanks for passing on the link.

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I also watched it a couple of weeks ago! I enjoyed it very much, especially as I had a male student in the sixth form there about 5 years ago. I visited him to see the school, watch classes and meet his teachers, so it was particularly interesting to see it all again. It's an excellent school.

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Thanks for posting this link. As a mum of a boy dancer I appreciated the fact that 4 out of the 5 dancers "followed" were boys! I also appreciated the insight into program residency, something I'm trying to get my head around.

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Thankyou for posting this link Mme. Hermine! Self indulgently watched the whole series at the expense of house cleaning and found it very informative and insightful. I was amazed at the emotional maturity of the students and also how very supportive they were of one another. DD would love (and thrive in) a residential ballet school but unfortunately there are none in Australia. Still in awe of the family who sold their house to pay for their son's fees......

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