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This is a very beautiful facility. The building houses studios, academics, kitchen/cafeteria (complete with cook) in a lovely section of Hamburg. I have read here at BT4D that upper level international students must find individual housing, depending upon age, perhaps housing might not be provided.




It states here that boarding facilities are provided for 35 students.

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vrsfanatic is correct. The Balletzentrum houses the studios, dormitory, offices etc. There is a cafeteria in the building where the boarding students eat their meals and also the Company dancers frequently eat there as well during the day. It is a very nice facility. The older students (18 or older) generally share apartments nearby in the neighborhood. The school usually assists these students with finding appropriate housing.

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I also have known international students who told me that students over the age of 16/17 do not have a place in the dorm.

(There are not that many places there, anyway)


Usually by this age the students have finished their "O-Levels" or equivalent, and are expected to be mature enough to handle living on their own or in small groups.




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When my dd attended a few years ago, I don't believe any of the Theaterklasse students were living in apartments who were under the age of 18. Or at least almost 18. I'm not sure that is still true.

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