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Pointe Shoes During SI Audition


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My daughter began pointe last July. She auditioned for a summer intensive among a group of 12 to 14 year olds. She was the only one who opted out of putting her pointe shoes on during this part of the audition. What do you think the adjucators (sp?) will think of this? She's a strong technical dancer with a very graceful presentation. But her school moves slow on pointe and has been told not to go on pointe anywhere else.

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Well, she was doing what she was told to do by her teachers. However, she should have told the adjudicators that she had pointe shoes but had not been on pointe very long. They might have been fine with that, or they might have asked to just see her do a little bit at the barre only. Personally, as an auditioner/adjudicator, that is what I might have asked, because she is at least 12, and I would want to see if she was able to get up well to her pointes, with straight knees and good placement. I would not have asked her to do anything more than that, however. If I was planning to accept her, it would help in determining her level for the summer, taking into consideration that by summer she will be much more accustomed to pointe work. :) If I had a student of that age in the audition and they did not put on pointe shoes, I would expect them to come and tell me why they were not putting their shoes on.

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Thank you Victoria. I always appreciate your replies and advice.


I asked my daughter (12 1/2) and she did go up and talk to the adjucicators briefly. She was able to explain that she was new on pointe and that she didn't want to risk injury by doing too much on point at this time.The adjucicators said that was fine and seemed to appreciated her explanation. I'm kind of proud of her for NOT putting her pointe shoes on and trying to over do it. She was the only girl that did the pointe portion of the audition on flats. They did not ask to see her rise on point. I'll be interested to see the results of this audtion.


She also auditioned for another SI that did not request the 12 -13 age group to put pointe shoes on.


Again, thanks so much you and others on this forum are such a great source of advice and information. : )


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A couple years ago my dd was in the same situation. She did put her pointes shoes on, but only did a few things at the barre. When things got challenging, she raised her hand and told the teachers that she had just recently started pointe and had not yet done those exercises. They said it was OK and she continued on flat. She was accepted into the SI :)


Good luck to you!

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