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Bra to flatten chest


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I'm a thin, but have breasts. I would love to find a bra or something that would flatten them out however without showing from underneath leotards. Does anyone know of any bras or anything that would not show underneath leotards? Any suggestions are appreciated!

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How about accepting who you are and what you have? Having said that, there are bras that have "invisible" straps, as well as bras that are made with "tan" colored straps.


Personally, I would recommend not worrying about it provided you have the support you need.

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Have you tried the Capezio BraTek leotards? A few of my friends who are better endowed in the chest area use them and they feel that they are plenty supportive. Hope this helps :)

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I don't have any suggestions, but I can tell you that the Capezio Bra-tek leos are awesome! I have three, and love them all :)

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I saw this bra at a dance store that is like a bandeau with clear removable straps. I ended up buying it, and I love it! It flattens, provides support, and nothing shows through. I only wear it with high back leotards with straps so that it is not visible. The clear straps aren't invisible because they have a "shiny" look.

Am I allowed to post a link to this leotard here?


Also, I have not tried them, but the "bra tech" leotards seem like a favorite of dancers!

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Sorry, I meant am I allowed to post a link to this BRA here. So sorry

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I believe it is the Natalie Adult Bandeau Bra from Discount Dance. I recommend trying it on in the store instead of ordering online!

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(oops! an adult accidentally wandered here and a post was removed)

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  • Capezio bra tech leotards! fabulous fit and sucks all the girls in! it is fabulous, except if you are a moderate "sweater" then this is not the right leo for you. due to the built in bra, that section cannot breathe at all and that results in a sweaty back.

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