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Volunteer to work during Festival?


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Thanks @Mom, your points are well-taken. I particularly enjoyed your anecdote about your form assistant AD and her company of her "50 or less" dancers. 50 dancers sounds huge to me! Try 20 or less, and that includes all levels, not just senior dancers. When I say small company in a small town, I mean small.

You're also right about the acronym. In our region I've never heard it called anything other than RDA, so that's the assocation I make. Maybe we need to come up with our own catchy acronym.

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@Cakers - I was in the Pacific region myself and I think the way it went was that there were certain companies that frequently hosted because they had the facilities and manpower and there were companies that never hosted (because they were smaller). I guess if a smaller company wanted to host, there were a couple of options like co-hosting with a nearby company (if you were lucky enough to have a neighbor) or co-hosting with another company in a 3rd location. SCBT and SBB did this recently, didn't they?


Everyone always joked that there should be a company in Hawaii so then we could go there :)


As for the volunteering, I'm undecided. When I was on staff, if my company would have paid for me to be there, I wouldn't mind volunteering. But I'm not sure I would spend money to go there and volunteer. I think it might work if the volunteer duties for each company could be rotated between a few individuals - that way, no one person would have to work the entire time and miss seeing their kid in class or whatnot. But there may be more of a strain for smaller companies (with fewer parents attending) vs larger companies. Of course, larger companies also have more kids that need to be chaperoned, so maybe it all works out.


Though I do remember one year where our company didn't even have enough chaperones - the company had to offer to discount the chaperone's kit (maybe $75 off or something) to encourage parents to attend. Then there were years where there was an abundance of chaperones so even dancers over 18 or 21 had chaperones (compared to some years where they did not).


I see that RDA/Northeast is also hosting their regional festival. Anyone know what they are doing about volunteers?

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We are working on having a "performance" kit that would be just admittance to the performances each evening or individual shows. As soon as we have the information on this we will send it your director's way.


Any further word whether performance tickets will be available to non-participants?

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Kathleen Sinclair


Information on availability of performance only kits will be available after registration is completed at the end of March.

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