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My sons has enrolled in a new dance school. On the website for uniform it states that boys/men:white shirt,black shorts,black ballet slippers,white socks optional. Int/adv:black tights,white shirt,black ballet slippers. He enrolled in the beg/int class. Only question is what should he wear. Also is a dance belt required with shorts?

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I would consult with the director on shorts or tights but if I am correct, your son is 17? If he is that age I would definately recommend the tights. I would also recommend the dance belt as soon as possible. Once he gets use to it is so much more comfortable AND safer.

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There is a great web site called "Doctor Dancebelt's Guide" which has helpful information about who needs a dance belt, how to choose one, and how to wear it properly. I highly recommend it! The web master will also reply to e-mails if you have questions which aren't addressed. Hope this helps!

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Why not go ahead and save it to your "Favorites" in your web browser? That way, you can refer to it and it keeps within our "We can discuss dance belts, but not what goes in 'em" policy.

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