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Sergei Filin, director of Bolshoi Ballet attacked with acid.


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The second link doesn't work, Kellinger. :(

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I was able to copy and paste it finally so I think the second link might work now. I clicked on it and was taken to the article.

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Thank you! It works now.

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Did anyone read this article in Time? I found it very interesting as it described the underlying tensions between two camps within the Bolshoi, one not wanting to stray from the purely classical Petipa pieces and the other wanting to include some contemporary works.



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Aaaaand it says all 3 "confessed". I'm somehow, not surprised.

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And at the center of it all, a ballerina...



from New York Times 6-mar-13

"Vadim Gayevsky, an eminent Russian ballet scholar, said the tension around Ms. Vorontsova is symptomatic of a broader problem, as artists barely out of their teens expect to shoot to the top of the profession. He said he felt sorry for Ms. Vorontsova because she was being pushed forward so aggressively by the people around her."

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That is really quite a story. Very sad, for a all of them involved. Thank you for posting it, Mousling.

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Very succinct and accurate: "Sad."


This would be a riveting movie, if not for the fact that it involves real people with life-changing injuries/repercussions.

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Thank you for sharing Ollieshadow. Fascinating article. Morality and ethics, or lack thereof, in Russian society in general, and the Bolshoi in particular, is frighteningly revealed.

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Great article, ollieshadow! Thanks so much for sharing it. It was nice to read something so in depth about the situation.

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