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Hello all,


We just moved to South Florida and are looking for Pre-Pro Ballet Schools for a 7th grader. She was dancing 10 hours per week at her school in Maryland. Miami City was the recommendation from her former teacher, but it is just too far for us (about an hour without traffic). Any help would be appreciated.



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Looks like your best bet would be Ft. Lauderdale or Boca Raton. Magda Aunon's school in Ft. Lauderdale (Ft. Lauderdale Ballet Classique) is a good school. In Boca Raton there is the Boca Raton Ballet.


And welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, pierceclan!


I notice that your profile says Ballet Dancer, but your post reads as though you are the parent. Please correct your profile! Thank you. :)

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I recommend Magaly Suarez's studio, The Art of Classical Ballet, in Pompano Beach. My daughter is one of her many dancers who have become a professional. Magaly is still her teacher and her coach. Here's a link to a recent article in Dance Studio Life magazine which explains what makes Magaly so special. http://www.dancestudiolife.com/tag/magaly-suarez/

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carlyeeeee, pierceclan may choose not to answer such a personal question as it could lead to identifying her dancer. :thumbsup: We encourage our members to retain their cyber anonymity.


But she may be willing to post school information on the Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School for the Maryland area she is familiar with.

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carlyeeeeee, I have edited your post to show the kind of typing we use here on BTforD. Please note that upper case letters and punctuation are important!

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Hello everybody, we may be moving to the Pompano Beach area during the summer because Magaly Suarez was highly recommended by my DD's ballet teacher. We were considering moving to San Diego but it seems that we will end up in Florida, we can live anywhere since our business can be managed from anywhere. Right now we live in a city with no professional ballet at all my DD studio is the best in our city but they were the ones that told us to move if we want our daughter to get better training because she has great potential (she is 14), this year we got fortunate enough to get a great professional dancer moving here and he is being giving my DD private lessons, he is the one who recommended Mrs. Suarez. However by researching the Pompano area I have my doubts about the public school system (we can't afford private schools and we also have a son who is 12) and the general feeling of the city (if I am wrong please tell me) we like the gulf part of Florida better but I am not sure if the ballet training in that area can be compared do Mrs. Suarez or Miami City Ballet, please help if you have any advice you can give me I will really appreciate it. If you know a better place to live in the Pompano Beach area or a great ballet school in the Sarasota - Clearwater area or anywhere in Florida please let me know your input will be very helpful to make a better decision on where to start. Thanks!

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Letyaz, there are several excellent training facilities on the West Coast. Next Generation Ballet/Patel Conservatory is in Tampa. Mr. Stark has trained many well-known dancers and the trainee program is highly regarded nationwide. The faculty is fabulous. If you are looking for Cuban-style training which Ms. Suarez teaches, one of their main instructors is Ms. Ivonne Lemus who was trained at National Ballet of Cuba.


A little further south and you have Sarasota Ballet and the new Sarasota Cuban Ballet School. Both have daytime trainee/training programs. The trainee program at Sarasota Ballet is for ages 16 and up and the training is excellent. The school is attached to the Sarasota Ballet which is a professional ballet company. The Sarasota Ballet was recently honored by being asked to perform at the Kennedy Center by Ms. Ferrell to perform some of the Balanchine repertoire.


The Cuban School has been in existence for less than a year and it has grown to include some students from NGB and from Miami City Ballet as well as other very talented daners. The directors teach the Cuban style like Ms. Suarez as they were trained at National Ballet of Cuba as well and they have danced professionally around the world. Some of their students have been used in Ms. Suarez's performances, too. The Cuban School is one of the sites used for the Carreno Festival where Ms.Suarez teaches in August.


Most of the students in these programs are homeschooled either on their own or through FLVS which is free. At Patel, some students also take classes in conjuction with Blake High School.


These are the schools we have heard of, but I hope that helps:) There is also a thread on Ballet Talk that lists the various schools in the Tampa Bay area.

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TwelfthNight, thank you! That is very helpful information. :)

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Thank you sooooo much! This information is very helpful since we were really considering the Sarasota area, have you heard anything about the

new conservatory mentioned in the summer intensive at Sarasota ballet? Thank you again for your input!

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Thank you so much Mira I was considering Boca Raton too but I wasn't sure if that was too far away, can you recommend a good high school and a middle school in a nice area? Thank you so much everybody everything helps a lot. We are so confused on what to do since we are not familiar with Florida at all but so far this is the best place to keep a balance between our family and my DD dancing my son wanting to be a media artist and our business. The change will be hard because we do not know anybody there, at least I would like to have as much of a safe environment as possible (with schools and all). We live in Texas along the border; we have a nice community here but no professional opportunities at all at least for what my kids want to pursue so we are trying to give them a chance on what they want…My daughter works very hard at her ballet studio but as I mentioned before it will never be enough unless we move. Thank you so much for expanding my horizon!

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Letyaz, the Conservatory just opened this August so I have not heard anything about it yet. I am sure it is excellent, though.


If your son is interested in being a media artist, he might be interested eventually in the Ringling School of Art and Design. It is a private college in Sarasota and one of the top five art colleges in the country. Their graduates are sought by many well known prestigious companies including Disney. They also have classes during the summer for high school age students and I believe some classes during the year for younger students as well.

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Thank you TwelftNight we already saw the Ringling and Sarasota ballet websites and both seem excellent. I also liked the Sarasota cuban ballet but across the summer intensives forum is not a very popular school, to put it in a nice way :( any recommendations in a nice area not too far from the ballet school with good schools will be very helpful. I am not sure if I can ask for this in this forum but since I am a new member I can,t PM anybody yet... I think I will start my research in the Sarasota area and Boca Raton as Mira also recommended do you think I am in a good track?

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