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Ballet Schools in Florida - Broward/Palm Beach County


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Letyaz, you are confusing the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School with the Carreno Festival. They are two separate distinct entities. The Carreno Festival holds some of their classes at the Cuban School, but they are NOT affiliated with the Carreno Festival in any other way. There are no reviews on Ballet Talk for the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School. There are not so great reviews of the Carreno Festival. Mine is one of them. However, while my daughter did not care for the Carreno Festival, she was very impressed with the Cuban School and we have heard nothing but excellent reviews of the School and its program there. The Cuban School holds their own summer intensive in June and July, but there are currently no reviews on the program as it is a studio intensive and not a national program, like Carreno is.


I would be more than happy to answer any other questions, but I would rather not post my email address here and I can't PM you.

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I have no information to add on the new Cuban School, however, I will say that I believe Magaly to be an outstanding teacher. My ds trained with her for a little while, but still tries to get down there to take classes with her when he can. He is a principal dancer with a fairly large company in the US. He also trained with Peter Stark and Ivonne Lemus, so I would recommend them also, although this is a bigger program. My ds also goes back there to take classes and teach. If it's possible, I would recommend having your dancer go and take classes at each location. It will help to check out the facilities, get a feel for the classes and make an informed decision.

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TwelfhNight thank you so much for all your information, I will check both schools, I can't thank you enough.

Its the mom I haven't heard anything but great things about Ms. Suarez and as you said we will have to go to both places and see for ourselves what will be the best choice for our family. Thank you sooo much!

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In Boca Raton, the better public high school is usually considered to be Spanish River (central Boca Raton - not far east and not far west). If you can locate with that school district the middle schools are pretty good too. Btw, there's full time gifted education in Palm Beach County for students who qualify.

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Thank you Mira, I will check on that area. Thanks everybody, we have three great areas to search: Boca, Sarasota, and Tampa. In Boca I have now an idea where to start looking for a place any ideas on Sarasota or Tampa area?

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Check this thread for Tampa: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=29509


and this one for Sarasota: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=47288


They are both in this Forum, which is organized alphabetically, first by State (or Country) and then by city or area as folks have broken down areas.

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Thank you dancemaven, I already checked those threads but were not very helpful for finding a good school district or a nice area to live so far we haven't decide between Sarasota ballet school, Magaly Suarez living in Boca Raton or Patel Conservatory living near Tampa. The three of them sound like very solid ballet programs and nice areas to live so we really have to decide what will be best for our family...Seems like a very hard decision mmmm....

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I am not a ballet school expert as are some of the others, But from what I know, the three schools you are considering are different from each other and all have very excellent reputations (Sarasota, Patel, Megaly Suarez).


Their environments are also different. Pompano Beach/Boca Raton (easy commute) is on the East Coast of FL while the other two are on the West Coast. More retirees and vacationers end up in Sarasota and Boca Raton than in Tampa.


The school districts in FL are county-wide and some are very large. Tampa, (Patel), is in the Hillsborough County School District and the Tampa Bay area provides more of a "city atmosphere." Pompano Beach is in the Broward County School System and Boca Raton is in the Palm Beach County Schools. The two towns are only about ten miles apart but the county border is just south of Boca. Your school district is determined by your residence. For instance, if you are interested in the public schools in Boca Raton, you could not live in Pompano Beach, because these towns/cities are located in different counties/school districts.


If you are able, I would recommend a visit to the ballet schools first. Patel and Sarasota are about a 2 hour drive from each other, considering traffic. It is approximately a 4 hour drive from Sarasota to Pompano/Boca. While at the ballet schools, ask about the public schools. Also visit the public school websites.


Miami is a whole other matter. It is a wonderful, interesting and very busy city. If you are interested in the Miami City Ballet, your best bet would be to live close to the ballet school or you will be in traffic a lot! Miami-Dade Public Schools covers this area - one of the largest public school districts in the U.S.

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Letyaz, please continue to post questions about the Sarasota or Tampa area on those dedicated threads. Perhaps someone will be able to help you. Otherwise, any information regarding those areas will be lost to others as this thread is for the Broward and Palm Beach County area.

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Ok dancemaven I understand. Great info marthao! Thank you everybody I really appreciate all your help. I know that you do not need an audition for Magaly's summer intensive, on the other hand the video audition for miami city ballet is quite extensive is this a very hard school to get in?

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Letyaz, if you are interested in Next Generation Ballet with Peter Stark, you will also need to gain acceptance. Patel Conservatory is open, but the trainee program (NGB) is by invitation only. The case is the same with Sarasota Ballet. The school at Sarasota Ballet is open, whereas entry into the Conservatory is by invitation only.


The drive from Patel to Sarasota, even with traffic is less than 1 1/2 hours. The drive from Sarasota to Boca Raton is only 3 hours. As others have recommended, I would have your daughter trial a class at each of the schools to see if she would like them and where she would be placed.


If you are looking for excellent training facilities, Harid Conservatory in Boca Raton is one of the best. If your daughter is 14, I would highly encourage you to check it out. Again, admittance is by invitation only, but Harid's track record speaks for itself. Maybe your daughter could try the summer intensive at Harid to see if she would like it there.

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TwelfthNight thank ou for mentioning Harid Conservatory I have heard wonders of the program the only problem is that we decided to move so we do not have to place my DD in a boarding school, I want her lo live with us as longer as possible, I understand that in order to be accepted in Harid you have to be in the summer intensive first, and if you are invited you have to stay year round in the conservatory am I right?

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Gentle reminder: These threads are just to let people know what schools in a particular area are out there. Extensive discussions of the schools that we have dedicated threads for, such as Patel (i.e., Next Generation . . . .), Harid, etc. are best carried on in those threads so that the information is easily accessed. Also, you will find much more information about those schools in those threads.


The Pre-Professional/Residential Ballet Program Forum is located here: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=147

That Forum is also arranged alphabetically.


[Not trying to be difficult here. Just trying to keep the threads tidy and the information where folks will have access to it long term.]

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Yes, HARID is a residential high school program. All of our students live in the dorm. We have had a few local children live at HARID. One young lady's family actually lived across the street.

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dancemaven I couldn't find any information about the "Margaret Barbieri Conservatory of Dance" which is the new program by Sarasota Ballet does anybody knows if to be accepted you need to be in their SI?

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