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Which muscles should be working in arabesque?


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When a leg is lifted in arabesque, where should we be feeling it? I feel it predominately in my lower back on the side of my working leg, however I'm not 100% sure this is correct!

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Meganrose so sorry your question has gone unanswered for so long. Premier Danseur you are a new member, meaning you have only 5 posts. While your answer is wonderful, I must make it invisible. Please do read the general rules and regulations of BT4D. Young Dancers are not permitted to respond on the YD forum until after a Moderator, therefore I have made your post invisible. I will check with the other Moderators to see if it can remain however please do respect the rules of BT4D in the future.


Meganrose one should feel the working leg in the middle to lower back, buttocks, hip socket, knee and foot working in opposition to the supporting side of the body. Everyone feels it differently. You should also be feeling it on the supporting side of the body. Try to lift your supporting shoulder away from your waistline and lightly press your supporting shoulder back without opening your ribcage. This might help you to feel the opposition of both sides of your body a bit more.

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