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I no longer get a stretch from merely placing my leg on the barre to the side. Since joining this board, I've given up sliding down the barre, and pied dans la main (last one is just for now; I can't seem to get placed right). Doing the splits to the side needs to take the form of lying down against the wall and opening my legs up, because I'm tight on the insides of my legs, and the straddle against the wall hurts my knees.


Is there some other stretch to the side that I could work on? I like the one opening up the legs, but it almost seems too easy, like it doesn't stretch enough. Sometimes when we do stretches to the side in partners, my partner can lift my leg up to the side almost all the way without my placement getting off, but I haven't figured it out in pied dans la main yet....

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Glad to hear you are not sliding down the barre. As you know, that is dangerous, and it doesn't really do anything anyway. Just pulls your other leg into distortion and puts way too much pressure on the Achilles of the leg on the barre.


As far as pied dans la main, try holding the lower calf instead of the heel, and keep the leg well within your control zone, not too far side. If it goes too far side the hip goes and you can't control the placement. Once you have it up, and in place, you can try to move it a bit more up and maybe more side, but stay within your own rotational ability. Don't let your weight go back into the heel of the supporting either. If that doesn't work, then don't do that stretch for a while and just keep with what you are doing that does not cause any pain or distortion.

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Thanks, Ms Leigh, I'll try that in class tomorrow!

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