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Dancing when you don't feel well?


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If you feel dizzy and have a headache, should you continue to dance or take a break? Just wondering because my teacher and mother wanted me to go home before class after my rehearsal. I hate to miss class, but I would rather get better than miss more.

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That is a situation that depends on a lot of things. You are the only one who can know if you are well enough to dance or not, and, as long as you do not have a fever and are contagious, then you might be able to dance. However, if you are not able to do your best and gain from the class, then it's probably best not to do it. However, you might feel up to watching, and in watching one can learn a great deal, so, you are still benefiting from the class.


But I have a question for you....why was there a rehearsal before the class??? That is a bit backwards.

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Thanks for responding! Oh we had a class, then rehearsal, then another class :)

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