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Looking for a new school-what do you say about why you left previous s


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I'm looking for a new ballet program for my 13yo dd. We're going next week for a trial/placement class and I was wondering:


1) Do they usually ask you why you are changing schools?

2) What is a good answer if they do ask you?


I cannot tell the real reason. So, what would you say??? I am not a very good liar, so I'm afraid I'll 'spill the beans' if I don't have an answer already in my head.



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Lots of good discussion in this thread: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=15728 There are most certainly other threads. Check the both Parents Forums and the PTA Forum.


Basic mantra: "I only want to play baseball" (Bull Durham movie). Basically, all you need to say is that you are changing schools because that it what you feel you need to do for your dancer and your family. Repeat as necessary. Smile and say nothing that will come back to haunt you and don't try to convince anyone to leave with you. "I only want to play baseball".

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