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I know these camps are still offered, but when searching the boards- most of the information is many years old.

Are these camps still popular for adults? Is there another camp more people are doing now?



Since they are so well established now, is it mostly 'regulars' who attend, or are newbies common? Are they welcoomed into the fold or is it very cliqueish with those who have attended multiple times?



Years and years ago, this was my dream to attend, and now I'm hoping that 2014 or 2015 I'll actually get to do it!

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It seems strange that nobody has added to the two "Richmond Survival Guide" threads that are pinned in the Adult Dance section for more than 7 years. As the author of one of them, I can take the position that I did such a good job no more comments are needed, but I doubt that is the case.


(Adult Dance Camps changed their name to Sun King Dance Camps quite a few years ago, but they are the same thing)

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Thanks for the reminder of that Sticky, BarreTalk. When I get a free moment (hah!), I shall see if there are more recent reviews of substance to add.

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I saw that Boston Ballet are doing one. But more importantly you should all make the trek to Australia for Sydney Ballet Intensive... it was the most awesome week of my life! :)

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Appleblossom, when you get a moment, it'd be great if you'd start a thread with details and a review of the programme.


I'm visiting family in Australia (my father is 80 this year) and so will be down at the Wharf for class throughout August, I hope!

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Man, I wish I could go down to Australia for an intensive, or you know, just for a trip to Australia!


(I tried to look up details for the Boston ballet page, but on 3 different browsers I'm just getting a black page.)


ETA: I finally got Boston's page to load- it doesn't quite look like the same thing as Sun King offers, not quite enough to make it worth traveling to, the first offering is just 2.5 hours per day, the other just 3.5 hours a day. But still- nice to see adults being catered too.

Second Edit: Looking at the Boston program, it doesn't seem to cater to traveling students, I just realized it is two weeks long, not one. A nice intensive for locals, that's for sure!

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I went to the Saratoga camp this past year, guess I should have posted a review! (though I am only finding a dedicated thread for the Richmond camp and not for Sun King in general...?)


I was a newbie, but there was a mix of regulars and newcomers (perhaps slightly more regulars?). I did not find it too clique-ish and got to know several people, though obviously those who had met at previous camps tended to hang out together. Overall the atmosphere was very friendly. There was quite a mix of ages and abilities, and even some attendees from overseas.


As for the ballet side of it, I was in the lowest level technique classes, having been out of ballet for a few months before the camp due to work. It was quite the workout and I spent the first 4 days tremendously sore before my body caught up! The teachers were great though, and I got a lot of specific attention and corrections, which I had not been expecting given that the camp was not that long and the classes were still 15-20 people each.


I'd definitely recommend attending to those who can swing it. I will probably not be going this year as my schedule is making it hard to attend class regularly, and I may be moving away, but I'd love to go back sometime in the future.

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Thanks for reporting back about Saratoga! I think the reason the threads are all for Richmond is because they are so old, it was the only option (and the Sun King name wasn't being used yet...just adult dance camps.)

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I went to Sunking in Richmond in 2009 and 2011, and am hoping to go again this year, to Richmond and then to Saratoga Springs. I absolutely LOVED them - everyone was so friendly and encouraging, and the teachers were awesome. I would go to every camp in every year if I could afford it...it is just a bit far away from Western Australia for me to be able to afford it more often. One of my classmates has been every year since our first visit in 2009 though - lucky lady!


I would recommend them to anyone...the best ballet time I have ever experienced!

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I'm glad to see others had the same questions I did! I will be attending the August camp in Richmond. My in-laws live about 20 minutes away so I have somewhere to stay and someone to make me food. :P


I'd love to know who else is going and who to keep an eye out for!

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I went to my first camp in Vancouver WA last year (near Portland OR), which was also the first year they held the camp on the west coast. Had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I plan to go back every year if I can swing it time and money-wise. This year I have other plans over 4th of July so I will be registering for the August camp in Richmond. Angelwings I hope to see you there!


I met so many amazing women (and a few men!), both newbies and returning students. The teachers were wonderful, learning and performing all the choreo was a blast, and I finally got to try partnering on pointe, which for me was probably the highlight, since that's the one thing I absolutely cannot get at home. The camp was amazingly organized, especially considering it was their first go-around in a new location. I can only imagine what a well-run ship the Richmond camps are.

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