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Books: A Girl In Motion

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My ballet teacher recommended to book to me. I just ordered it online, I can't wait to read it!

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My daughter has had this book sitting on her bookcase for over a year. She finally picked it up Monday evening and is already finished. Now to find the sequel!

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My daughter and I read both books and we loved them both. I wish there were more books like this out there. I think it's great for students to read a nicely-written fictional (but realistic) story about the ballet world.

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I am always looking for new books to read! I'll get it on my kindle, thanks for the reviews! :)

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"A Girl in Motion" is definitely more uplifting and better written. "Breaking Pointe" is much more darker, possibly reflecting more of the author's own path. As only few could reach principal or soloist roles, most corp girls probably end their careers with some disspointment. However, the portrait of Artistic Director role in today's ballet world is alarming ... They seem to have too much unchecked powers and appear to be only constrainted by finance aspect of the company. Perhaps, the example in the transition of Miami City Ballet and what happened in Bolshoi in recent accident has deeper roots reflected in the book. The author also explicitly complains harassment about pertnering relationship. Although the author didn't elaborate in a clever way, but you could see a lot could be written why Anna was not promoted and left dry with little significant casts... It is telling that the author shows mixed feeling when teaching a ballet class with determined youngsters to make it in ballet world.

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Someone said they would recommend it for ages 14 and up. I was just wondering if there is any subject matter in it that would be inappropriate for a 12 year old. It sounds like a book that my almost 12 year old dd would love. She is a very advanced reader, and it is sometimes difficult to find books at her reading level that are also age appropriate.

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I bought both books for my DD for her birthday last month (15) and after she whipped through them in a couple of days, I read them both. There is a little talk about whether boys are gay or straight and some teenage smoking and drinking - but overall very little. The main character is very studious and disciplined; a good role model actually. Its close to being ok for a 12 year old, but touches on a few things that I probably would have kept away from my DD for just a little longer. If your DD did read the first book, though, she'd insist on reading the second right after which has more in the way of adult topics (drug use, suicide, affairs), so you'd have to put your foot down to her begging to know what happens next!

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Thanks for the input Sewribbons. I think I'll probably order the first book, read it myself, and then hang on to it for a year or so before letting dd read it. I won't even buy the second book yet, because it would be some time before dd would be ready.

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I kind of feel like the book should have been called Girl on Fire, not Girl in Motion. It just seems more appropriate to this book.

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And might make Hunger Games fans read it and fall in love with ballet :firedevil:



(there be book spoilers ahead)


although given that she didn't get Fire, perhaps not nearly as appropriate



(edited to change my smiley to the one with fire because really, it's more appropriate to this situation)

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