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Adult Ballet: A sudden appreciation!


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Out of the blue I decided to join the Adults Beginner class at DS's studio. I have to share this with everyone. By way of background I have no dance experience unless rock 'n roll counts?? I have had two classes and each time I have virtually collapsed from exhaustion afterwards. Definitely needed a little lie down! I think that my teacher and I agree that I have not missed out on a career by leaving my education so late in life (I am 48). No obvious talent showing at this early stage. :ermm: After watching DS work away at ballet for the last few years I finally appreciate how extremely hard it is! (I know I know I can hear you all laughing from here!). Even the simplest movement is deceptive. So hats off to you all who persevere. No wonder you are all so gorgeous, lean and supple. I will keep battling away here because I have high expectations of how this will improve my sagging posture and middle section. As DS commented after class # 'I have already learned alot'. Who knew that you cant see the teacher half of the time if you have a bad spot on the baree?? :P

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I'm an adult who dances with the teens at the studio I attend. They recently started adult classes there, and the mother of one of the teens I dance with started ballet. The teen asked me what I thought about her mother doing ballet, and I told her that now her mum will appreciate all the hard work she does in class more!


Well done on getting into the studio Thyme!

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Yes well DS is happy with my new found empathy but is mortified at the idea I will be 'seen'. I told him I was signed up for a solo at the end of year concert and he just stared at me. Mortified and hoping I wasnt serious! Poor kid. HAH!

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Thyme - Such an interesting story -- Go for it! As another adult student just a comment that you might be amazed as you stick w/ it month in, month out and the years clip by, how used to it you get and may not be 'winded' or tired much at all after a while. Building strength and stamina is so rewarding, can become addicting...... :grinning:

Enjoy your study, and a solo already -- fantastic! Good for you!

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oh sorry Ludmilla! no solo! Gosh that would be terrible! I was just teasing my DS. Thank you for your thoughts that I wont always be wiped out afterwards. I live in hope. :)

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Well, Thyme, where is that "LIKE" button when you need it! Congratulations for attempting ballet having never danced it before. :flowers: Flowers for you anyway even if you don't ever perform!

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One summer, I talked my mom into taking a few adult beginner classes. It was interesting to me to see that, like one often sees in siblings, my mom and I move in very similar ways. Of course she went through the struggle of getting her body to coordinate, like all beginning dancers, but it was great to see her in class and I had fun quizzing her on ballet vocab. I hope your DS will enjoy having you there, and merde!

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Thyme - Have fun............. and while I am no authority, I will say that one thing that works so well in my own ballet study is having enough down time between classes.


Some people (and younger people), and rightly so - certainly, to each their own - may want to practice "all the time" or seem to be constantly in motion. I find the most critical thing of all to me, is to listen to one's own, (very wise), adult body and if sore in a not good way (again finding good advice when needed), to let up.


Just my own motto, that nothing is worth becoming injured - due to a hobby certainly - to me, and as an adult student I feel one of the best challenges for me is to enjoy learning and growing in ballet so that after each class, I thoroughly look forward to the next class.


Gosh, I hope that does not sound too "preachy" - I'd hate that!! But what you said about soreness, I only respond to that, to be gentle w/ yourself - just a thought. Oh, also,............. if a bit sore, I do find that a lovely hot bath works wonders, too!!!! :yes: .............. Enjoy!

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No that is all good advice Ludmilla. I find it hard to not 'go hard' in exercise classes- I am not in any way athletic but I just hate admitting I am not 25 anymore! Yes I am sure I will hit a little wall regularly (my right knee feels abit weird today for instance!). You are not being at all preachy- more like the voice of experience. I am trying to be wise also.... DS tells me that I am probably not keeping my knees aligned in the plie. Hard to believe that something which looks so straightforward (I mean really! Are we saying I dont know how to bend my knee?? :yes: ) can be so tricky??

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Thyme - thanks for taking my comment as it was meant........... yes I am a huge believer in the gentle route to success. Beating up the body I just have never believed produces a beautiful result.


Your comment above, ............."can be so tricky".............is exactly right! Very true! Ballet may "look" deceptively simple -- and seeing professional or high level students dancing, makes it look easy... that is the great art of it!


To me one's own self-body-awareness is about the most all-important ballet learning tool that an adult ballet student can have....... (as in an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"). I've come to realize, after initially thinking that a ballet teacher could "prevent" injury by telling me the right way to do things, that in the end listening to one's own body can be a good preventative precaution.... (Such as resting something if it is sore in that "not good way...") (Again that, plus the hot bath....... :grinning: )


It sounds as though your DS has a wise approach to his study, too and it should be interesting for you to come to realize more what he is experiencing as well.


Best wishes for long and happy ballet study! It has brought me a lot of pleasure, growth, and many new discoveries, and how many things in the adult world are done for those reasons --- and are also so beneficial to health??

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Good for you, Thyme! I love hearing about anyone trying ballet for the first time, but most especially adults. :) Do keep us posted on the adults' buddy board?

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Thyme when you go down in grand plie, you also have to go through demi-plie (which is with the heels on the ground) on the way down and on the way back up - this helps you keep better aligned and yes, your knees need to be opened out over your toes as you go down. Don't try and turn out your feet too much or your knees will drop forward because you can't hold them out as open as your feet :)


Good for you! Have fun!

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Thank you Hamorah! I am going to practice that before next class- one thing I have already learned is that I will be sacrificing beauty for safety. At my ripe old age I suspect I have as much (or as little) turn out as I am ever going to have! :dizzy:

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