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Being a curvy dancer


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Okay, to be totally honest, when I say curvy, I don't really mean curvy. I mean that I'm blessed/cursed with the incredibly improbable Victoria's Secret body that- no matter how much weight I lose- needs a little (a lot of) extra room in the chest area of leotards. I know that were I anything but a ballet dancer, I'd be loving my body type, but the fact is I am a ballet dancer and it irks me to no end.

It's not that I'm chubby- the rest of me is pretty standard dancer-style lack of curviness. I just have a chest. But the more I work on my technique and the higher I advance in class ranks at my dance school, the more it seems like that might be what gets between me and being a successful dancer. I mean, no matter how hard I work on my technique and artistry, my flat-chested friends will still be wearing their cool artsy leotards and looking like willow trees onstage and I'm still going to be jiggling away in my Capezio Bra-Tek (useful they may be, but they're sure not flattering).

So I guess what I'm really asking is whether there is any possible way for someone with a significant chest to be a dancer with any level of success past just training. I know there's Misty Copeland, but I mean for the people who aren't one-in-a-billion incredible. Is it possible to hold up to professional standards while I have this body?

I'm especially worried about this since I'm going to audition for a few summer intensives next week. I've never been anywhere besides my home studio, which is the kind of place that won't kick you out for not having the right body type, and I'm really nervous that the auditioners won't be able to see past my chest. I'm not trying out for anywhere like ABT (they'd laugh me out of there), but these are fairly significant, pre-professional places. Do you think that I could still get accepted if I had good technique without the perfect dancer body?

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You should not be worried about these schools not excepting You for the summer intensives. I train at a very serious school and there are girls in the advanced classes who dance with a chest bigger than the "perfect" ballerina. As long as you have solid technique you should be fine.


Ps-about the leotard thing- my friend (a dancer with a big chest) wears a leotard sort of like a halter/turtleneck combined. It is a tank top. She wears a sports bra under it and you can't even tell that she does. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link here?

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No link please. We have tons of information here already on a lot of different threads about leotards, chest size, and bras.

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Am I allowed to say the name of the store/brand/website of the Leo?

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Hi, yes it is, one of the most important ballerinas in my country (Spain), Lola San Juan, (my teacher and aunt) is really curvy, not fat but way more curvy than expected, she has big breasts, big thighs, bottom etc.. And she was successful, now ows her own Academy. So yes, it is possible. To be honest, it will be harder because of the stereotypes and all that, you will feel pressured to fit into that body type  even if you can't, but you need to be strong and work harder than anyone, if your technique is good enough they will forget what body type you have. 

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