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Headed to Joffrey audition next weekend -I am so nervous!!&#33


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Hi , I was at the Joffrey last year for the SI. Since then I have heard that they have raised the bar for acceptance , which makes me a bit nervous...... What if I don't get in again? For many people this wouldn't be as much pressure , but my home teacher teaches at Joffrey over the summer......And all of my friends try out with me! If my friends got in and i didn't , it would be my worst nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!! :unsure: I can only hope I get in :yes:]

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Well maybe you have raised your "acceptance bar" too!


Try to relax- no one program is the "end-all, be-all" program. Try out for some other programs too, and have a back-up plan! You'll be fine!!!!!

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Thank you !!!!!!!! @Clara76 That sounds like a good idea:) I will try my hardest , and whatever happens happens. :P

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