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Adult classes that take students seriously (KC area)?


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Hey, everyone! I was wondering if anyone here could possibly help me? I'm 20 years old and really wanting to start ballet classes in the Kansas City area. I've been googling studios for months, but I'm having trouble coming up with places that accept adults and/or are anything other than just "for fun." I'm looking for more serious classes, but I just am getting frustrated trying to find anything. And then if I do, it's only one class per week and I know I won't progress hardly at all.


So, if there's anyone in the area, or anyone familiar with the classes here that could help recommend places to me (just not the KCB, I called and talked to someone and they left me feeling underwhelmed) I would appreciate it so, so much!

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I can't help you with your area, but I will tell you I had great luck taking children's classes. You just need to call and explain your interest, as well as your level of commitment. Both programs I danced with require I meet all the same standards as children, hair in a bun, uniform, minimum number of classes, placement class, etc. If you are brand new you might get placed very low, it may be better to take beginner adult classes and then switch when you are a slightly higher standard. Getting to the advanced beginner level usually goes better for adults because you have a better attention span than a 6 year old. Getting to the intermediate levels, you may be in each level longer than a child is, because the facility for dance is usually not as good.


When I was mid 20s I took in a kids program (I was placed with 6th/7th graders) 3 technique classes a week, then pre-pointe, and then pointe with them. I took the required for the level pilates class with adults though. In this class, I even performed in the end of year ballet with my level, so I also did rehearsals with the studio company. It was a great experience.


In my late 20s I took another set of classes with kids, and it didn't go quite so well because the studio wasn't as serious and the kids wasted too much time goofing around.


Now I'm over 30, and started taking an adult class. It seems like a good class, but is just once a week. If I can stay injury free for a year (not looking good- already my knee is bothering me, from something unrelated, and I can't grand plie) I may ask to go in with the kids- however the level I anticipate being in has to wear a light pink leotard, and I'm not sure my body image could handle that.

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I'll second Skittl1321's suggestion to look into children's classes if you are looking for something a little more rigorous. My experience might be a bit different because I'm not a beginner, but I'm one of several adult students who regularly takes youth program classes at my local ballet studio, and I love it. At first it was a bit awkward to be 10+ years older than all the other students in class, but the youth program girls were incredibly friendly and welcoming, and soon I felt like I fit right in. While the teachers at my current school do take the adult/open classes seriously (in terms of giving corrections, etc.), the youth program classes feel quite a bit more rigorous (I feel I'm held to higher standards, even by the same teachers), and I feel like that's really pushed me to become a better dancer.


Anyway, perhaps you can find a school in your area that might let you do something similar? I think it's worth asking about, at any rate.

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Thank you both! I will definitely look into it! I was sort of wondering about taking children's classes after I've taken some beginner adult classes, but wasn't sure how that all worked. You guys have helped so much and told me exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks again!

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Sorry to double-post (if that's a problem thing here), but I just wanted to update because I found the perfect studio when I opened my horizons beyond just adult classes like you guys suggested! It's a beautiful Vaganova school, they were very eager to help me, and offered right away to put me in with the 10 year olds (they said it was pretty common there and so I definitely wouldn't be the only "big person" in class)! I'm very excited, I've just got to go buy my "uniform" and I'll be all set!


I just wanted to thank you both again!

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I live near Kansas city and I just wanted to know what the name of the studio and location was that the dancer who made this post finally found. I was looking at KC ballet but if they don't take adult dancers serious then that isn't what I'm looking for. thanks

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