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Making the move to a pre pro school


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I'm thinking about making the move to a pre pro school for my DD that is 10 1/2. She really doesn't want to change schools though because even though she is only 10 1/2, she is in the highest level at her current school (she is in a class with 11 to 13 year olds) and is one of the better dancers in the class. She gets a lot of attention from her instructor and this past winter recital, she had a pretty big solo role and also danced in 3 other dances. She is basically a big fish in a little pond right now. If she makes the move to a pre pro school, she will be a little fish in a big pond. Has anyone else had a similar situation and how did their child do in the new school?

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Myrrha, many of our members have been through this, and there are lots of threads on it. They all pretty much lead to the same thing, which is they leave for the pre-pro, the child makes new friends and is very happy, and the training is way better. A ten year old in the top level class, no matter how talented she might be, does not say much for the school. If she really loves it and wants to dance, and evidently has shown ability, then she MUST get to a better school.

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Yes, there are many threads that discuss a move from a small school to a pre-pro. The how, of how you do it, greatly depends on the temperament of the child. Since you mention that she is a bit hesitant, it might help her to look into the many ways to ease into a new school. Is there an SI at the new school she can attend, even for a short time? This would allow her to have time to get to know some people and perhaps see why a move is a good idea.


Here is one on the when question: Time to switch schools? and Time to make decisions! I'm sure there are others, but do find one that discusses things in the manner you see your position. By posting on one of those threads, many voices of wisdom will share their experiences.

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