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Curled toes?


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Hi everyone,

Ever since I could remember, I always had curled toes. At first it was all the time, but now I've managed to control it while on flat feet but it's really bad when I'm on demi pointe, and I sometimes struggle with not being able to get all the way on my box during pointe. Sometimes I manage to not curl my toes, but that's very rare. Can anyone give me exercises to stop curling my toes?

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Sorry, but a post was removed. The rules of the YD forum are that a moderator must respond first.

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samshabs, have you ever read the entire "Curling Toes" thread in Cross Talk?



It might be helpful if you haven't yet. Beyond that, it's really something that has to demand your attention, every moment! Now, if your pointe shoes were tight enough, and low enough in profile, then there probably shouldn't be enough room for you to curl your toes, so perhaps we should pursue that angle as well?

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Thank you! I haven't read that thread yet, but I definitely will :) I'm pretty sure that my pointe shoes fit well, but I will be going for a re-fit as soon as I can go somewhere with a ballet store! Thanks again :)

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