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Favoritism among dancers

Dance Dreamer

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My main dance teacher, is a really good teacher, and she produces great dancers. But one of the things that I very much dislike about her classes is she has about a handful of students that she pays a lot, and the most attention to, for the silliest reasons. She pays the most attention to her own daughter, even it's obvious that she doesn't really want to be there, and she pays attention to the kids who have been there the longest and who's parents have done major contributing to our studio, and the company. It's really frustrating because I work really hard, and yet don't the corrections or attention I need to improve. Is this common to have favoritism in the dance world? :unsure:

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Unfortunately, Dance Dreamer, favoritism exists anywhere there are human beings. What you have to sort through is several things:

1. Is the training you are receiving really, truly the best possible?

2. Can you focus on why you are there and just on yourself, despite the culture?

3. Is this place healthy for you?

4. Do you want to dance so badly that you can surmount this issue anywhere you go?

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Also maybe read this thread on the parent's forum: Shameless Favoritism or Is This How It Works?


Even if some of the situations the parents are describing are not yours, there is sound moderator and experienced parent advice there!

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To Clara 76: I truly do want to dance bad enough to try and look past the favoritisum, but on some days it really gets to me, and sometimes i wonder if i should go to a different studio because of how bad the favoritisum is at my current studio. I don't think it is healthy, becuase it's not like friendly competion between the girls. No matter how hard i work, I still wouldn't get the attention i need. The training I am reciving isn't the best possible, and I probably find a more intense, and fairer dance studio.

To ascballerina: Thanks for the link!(: I'll take a look at it!

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If you don't feel the environment is healthy for you- find somewhere that is. That applies to more than just dance schools, by the way. :thumbsup:

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I recently left a major school for somewhere with smaller classes and more personal correction. I did not leave because of favoritism, but I still experienced lack of correction. At my old school when I got a personal correction, it may have been the only one I got that week, or for the next two on occasion. I now go somewhere with smaller class sizes, and receive so many personal corrections per day I can see much more improvement. When there's focused attention I feel I can improve so much faster. That said, I believe my time at the other studio taught me useful skills for taking class: take group corrections seriously and listen to other peoples' personal corrections and apply those. That might help you get knew things to work on when you feel like nobody is focusing on you.

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