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How To: Register without if you don't have a non-web email?


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My dd is 15, and does not have her own email address that is not web based. I have one that is provided by my internet provider, but obviously, that one is mine. How are kids supposed to register?

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I'm sure a mod has a better answer, but don't most internet packages come with a certain amount of e-mail addresses you can have through the provider? I think we have six or something...everyone in the family has an IP e-mail address....perhaps try creating a new one?

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Yes, asc is right. You should be able to get an address for her with your provider.

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I too would like to set up my daughter's account here but we do not have access to more than 1 email with our basic service. That is the email I set my Ballet Talk account up with and I never used it for anything other than that inital registration. There must be some other way to allow people to sign up. I can't imagine I'm the only person out there with basic cable/1 email. Please let me know if there is another solution. Thanks so much!

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We do accept AIM, which is free without subscription to AOL, and, if you have an Apple device, me.com. We have also had some people register using iCloud.

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Outlook is now blocked, along with gmail, yahoo, and Hotmail. We had a large number of spammers using Outlook recently. I'm sorry. Please try again with AOL That will work.

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