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Auditioning with Injury for College


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My DD is a HS senior and is in the midst of college auditions. She is currently injured with calcaneal bursitis and achilles tendonitis, which makes it painful for her to point her foot and dance en pointe. She is in physical therapy, but recovery has been slower than expected.


She has been able to reschedule several of her auditions but, since we are nearing the end of the colleges' audition dates, won't be able to reschedule them any further. She has not prepared a video, so that is not an option for her. If she feels that she can dance but that her injury may affect her performance, should she notify the auditioners? What if she needs to limit her dancing in any way? I read in the SI forums that this is the route to take for SI auditions, but I couldn't find anything on this topic for college auditions. I would appreciate any advice or other experiences with this.

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When my daughter was a Junior, she was not able to audition for summer programs because she was recovering from an injury. I asked the same question you are asking. I was advised to have her audition, but explain her limitations. She did just that. Did not do pointe or big jumps and was still accepted to her first choice SI. Best wishes to your DD! Tell her to stay positive & focus on what she CAN do!!

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Best wishes to your daughter! Let us know how things turn out :)

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As a mom of a soon to be college, ballet performance major, I would contact the college school of dance and find out what their suggestion is for your dd. They may say have your dd come and do what she is capable of doing. As for a video, possibly you could take her most recent performances and put together a video showing her dancing on pointe. At least this way the school of dance can get some kind of idea of her stage performance. Teacher references may also help. Hearing from her dance teachers could actually give them an idea of what she is capable of doing. I highly suggest that she doesn't try to physically do something she is not ready for and risk further injury that could halt her dance career. Good luck with this and I will pray for her to recover quickly. Hope things work out in her favor.

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There is room now, Marigold :) Sorry, I didn't see this right away.

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