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Pain in the ankle


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I've been having a lot of pain recently in my ankle in between the anklebone and the front of my leg. I can feel it when I'm simply standing, and get rid of it (sort of) by really focusing on not pronating, but I find that when I'm dancing, in those in-between areas where I've not quite learned to control the rolling properly yet (landing from jumps in particular), by the end of class, I'm hurting. My teacher said there's a tendon in there that could be informing me that it's been overused and doesn't like it, or it could be reacting to the fact that I've been working on increasing my turnout, which is something I can't quite control yet either. I haven't done pointe in a week, because I wanted to be better safe than sorry. I'd like to try pointe this week, but the ankle thing hasn't gone away. Do you think it's safe to do pointe? How can I go about making this go away? I've been told to ice it already...but that doesn't really fix it at all, just makes it feel better temporarily.

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Asc, when there is pain that keeps coming back you need to find out what it is, and why it is happening. This requires a doctor. We can't diagnose or give you treatment advise from here. Sorry!

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I figured that, but thought I'd ask anyway. The doctor has no idea....starting to really look forward to that osteopath appointment in two weeks. :P

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