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Transitioning out of the "Potential" Stage


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As always, swanchat, your post moves me to tears. I'm so grateful to you for sharing your journey and your wisdom with all of us.

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swanchat, I enjoyed reading "My window on this world". Thanks for sharing. :angelnot:

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Swanchat, your post moved me to tears as well. Thank you for sharing that. Sometimes being a ballet mom is lonely as so many non-ballet moms do not understand. I cannot tell you how many times this board has helped, if for nothing else, knowing I am not alone.

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Swanchat, thanks for putting into words what parents of dancers need to hear. Mobadt, you are never as lonely as you think. This Board has been a positive influence in the lives of many. DD is 16, and I am struggling with the decision she has made for herself and her future. It's nice to hear about others who have lived through it.

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Thank you Swanchat what a lovely post!

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Beautiful, Swanchat!


I am in the same place as many of you, with dd turning 16 in a couple of weeks. This is a great thread to read right now, as dd has done 7 auditions and we've been trying so hard to make the best decision for her. I wish that I could understand what auditioners are looking for, why she would be accepted to one competitive program, but not another, and so forth. Maybe I am now at the point of letting go, and see how she navigates the waters for herself. It really is an interesting, albeit frustrating, journey!

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While this thread isn't about transitioning so to speak, it is a wealth of information about re-grouping and curveballs that might help some in this transition stage even though it's talking about Juniors and Seniors.


But especially, the wonderful post by pointeprovider about the Periwinkle dress!

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Thanks for the links! Very relevant and good reminders! My dd once did an audition class. The teacher did not tell them it was a class so they thought is was an audition. When the chosen girls were left standing, they were all blonde with red shirts on. The class lesson being, the choreographer or AD has something specific in mind and on that day you may or may not have been it.


PS. I think we should rename this thread, 'how to be prepared for the next stage'!

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I LOVE the periwinkle dress post! I have reminded my DD of it over the years. As a matter of fact... now might be a good time to message her with it again...



She is struggling a little bit right now, wondering if she is the wrong size dress. :P:) She is with a good group of girls, however. She says that they are all on the "struggle-bus" together. :) They all have positives and negatives.

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I must admit we've felt this year to be a transition year as well, with dd reaching a point where we can now see that even with those gifts she's had from the beginning--they all need to be pushed and perfected. The flexibility that allowed her to plop into a split in any direction at seven, is now something she needs to remember to do regularly or she will stiffen up (oh, puberty!). Weak areas are becoming more obvious, and are requiring Pilates and Physical Therapy exercises. She looks with admiration at the dancers in the level above hers, and exclaims at how beautifully one in particular dances, and comments that she admires that she works so hard for it. Where it may seem to come easier for others, this one catches her attention because she is not just amazingly good, but that her dedication and work is clearly apparent. It is interesting to see how dd reassesses the terrain of ballet for herself and is seeing what she needs to do to keep making progress and be the dancer she'd like to be. Ballet is helping her grow up--deal with the ups and downs that inevitably come, and learn about herself. Such a great journey! I just enjoy each day of it, applauding her successes, but never knowing about tomorrow and where it will lead. Ballet is very Zen that way, and we're loving it. :wink:

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I hope that some moms under 13 will read this thread. The thing that I have learned in the past is that dancers develop at their own pace. My older DD was advanced at the age of 8, skipping a level, put on pointe at 9 and danced Clara in the 7th grade. Then in 9th grade and 10th grade it seems that others passed her. Girls who had been behind her when she was first in the company are now passing her. A former teacher said to me "I can see what you mean when you look at it like that, but your DD is doing fine, she is growing and advancing. But her technique advanced quickly at that younger age, and now these girls have advanced at this age. I fully expect your DD will continue to grow and be with them again next year"

I never really understood the arc in technique that could happen, and it was a tough pill to swallow.

Mom of 3 and Swan Chat thank you for all the wonderful advice.

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Oops! A post by a Parent of Under 13 was removed per Forum rules. This Forum is open as "Read Only" for everyone but the stated demographics. The two Parent Forums were created by member request a number of years ago and as such, we must honor the delineation. :)

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SWANCHAT..........So valuable your words.......thank you.........I needed to read this! Happy Mother's Day!

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Bumping up because this question was asked recently.

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