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Using my turnout


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Using my turnout when I dance is something that I've been focusing on. I seem to have a definite problem "finding" it when doing fouetté s. for whatever reason my legs feel resistance and there's a push to turn them in as if something is in the way blocking my turnout. It is the strangest feeling and I don't feel this resistance when I do regular pirouettes or pique turns or anything else. I've been corrected to use my turnout in fouetté s and that I should be sure I'm not taking my leg past my second or bringing it up too high.


Are there other things I can focus on because I've been working on this for a long time and I still have this weird resistance. Any idea what I'm doing to cause this?

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Where do you feel the resistance? And what do you mean by it's 'blocking' your turnout. Can you be a bit more descriptive? Without seeing you do it, it's very hard for any teacher to know what might be going on :)

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I'm sorry because I'm at a loss to explain this. It's something I feel right where my leg connects into my hips. It's as if there smelting there forcing my leg to turn in. I've seen improvements in my other pirouettes and don't feel this resistance. It has to do with getting my leg to second and then the whip in. If I break it dwn at the bar slowly it moves fine. I think my leg is getting to second OK and that the problem occurs with the whipping in.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Have you tried really concentrating on your ronds de jambe en l'air? Particularly the ones en d'hors. If you are feeling that same resistance, I would wonder if it is an issue with strength in the hip flexors and flexibility in the glute medius.

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