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Okay, first of all I have no idea whether this is in the right spot so I apologize if it's not in advance!


So I just started ballet this year and I absolutely love it! (I think it's also important to note that I'm 16...) I started late in the year but I've pretty much caught up to the rest of the girls in my class and my teacher has given me lots of positive feedback. I do two classes of grade three cecchetti a week plus conditioning, stretching ect that I do independently at home. Any other classes I could've taken this year were full but I want to increase the number of classes I take next year. So here's my question then. I'm thinking about doing a summer intensive since I feel like it would be very beneficial in helping me improve technique and help my dance all around. I'm looking into different programs that an audition is not necessary for and there's a couple that interest me. I'm hesitant because I'm not sure if I would really benefit from the experience since I am a beginner. So what do you guys think?

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Losho, do the programs you are interested in show that they have classes for your level? A lot of SI programs start at Intermediate level and up. If they have beginner levels, they are usually not intensive, and they would be for younger children. You might think about looking into the Adult Ballet SI programs. Check the Adult Students forum, as there is a thread about the adult programs.

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Hi there thanks for your quick response. The programs that I have been looking at do say they are for all levels- beginners included- but I'll be sure to check out the Adult Students forum. Thank you :)

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Sorry, to be clear the program that I'm mainly interested in has both a professional summer intensive (audition required) and an open program.

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Hmm I'll see if I can learn more information about the specific program then go from there! Thank you for directing me to the Adult forum, that thread was very helpful :)

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