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Preparing myself for a college audition


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So, I'm having a ballet audition before April for a higher school of ballet and I'm a bit worried about it since I only have 1 month and several days to prepare me for it.

I'm already 18 years old, which means I'm on my limit age to get accepted into it.


I'm doing 2 hours of classes five days per week, but I feel that I should do some more daily work at home.

Stretches and core work. But how long? And which ones should I do most? And how many time?


Also, is it okay if I wear a black skirt for the audition?


One last question: they told me that the class will be done following the Vaganova technique at a Intermediate Level, half pointe. This is equivalent to which grade?

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Cosette, is this a College audition, or a ballet school audition? Your title and post are confusing.


In terms of the work at home, you need to do what you need to do. There are no rules for how much or how long. But, as a dancer at 18 years old, that is something that you really should know by now if you have been in good training.


As to wearing a skirt, I don't know. What do the audition requirements say? Do they specify anything? If not, then I suppose it's okay, but I would recommend that you don't.


Equivalent to which grade in what syllabus? Are you studying a specific syllabus, or is your school more of an International mix?

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Hi Victoria, thanks for your answer.


It's a ballet school that works as a college, so I guess I can call it college audition (?).


Yes, I suppose I should know. I'm a late starter, and althought I'm working right now with a teacher that I have a lot of respect (she has a lot of experience) , she doesn't seem to encourage me a lot to try doing things at home. Whenever I ask her about stretches or core exercises, she seem to be relutant and vague, and insists on the idea that I need to work only when I have someone watching me, so that that person can correct me.


No, they don't specify anything, so I guess I'll just bring the skirt. I feel more confortable.


Equivalent to the Vaganova Syllabus. My classes don't follow any specific kind of syllabus, although they have a lot of the french-technique influence, but I do know that the audition class will be done following the Vaganova method and that it will be on a intermediate level. But I don't know which Vaganova grade they are talking about.


Thanks for you attention!

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Cosette, one of our other teacher moderators may be able to help you with that, as she is a Vaganova expert teacher! She might not be here for a day or two, as I believe she is holding auditions this weekend, but I'm sure she will respond as soon as she can.

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