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Sick Day?


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Today my dd was not feeling well. Yesterday she had a sore throat, and today was better, but tired. I had her go to class and told her to do her best. Mainly because she had a private lesson after class, and I don't know the teacher's policy about cancelling. I'm wondering if teachers "respect" a student who attends class even when not feeling well, or if the opposite is true...would the teacher be upset that a student came when not feeling well.

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Depends on the teacher. We have one that insists the kids come and sit on the side and watch. And we had another germophobe that freaked when a dancer came in sick.

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Since the question has now come up, I would ask the studio if they have a guideline or policy for students who are not feeling well. For example, "if a student is running a fever over 100 degrees, please do not send him or her to class." I know this is the policy at a number of studios in our area since that is also the public schools' policy.

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What I find interesting is different families' interpretation of illness. In the same class of mid-teens, (who have been with me since pre-school but are recreational) I have one girl who hardly ever misses and will carry on dancing unless she is really ill and another who is kept at home by even the slightest sniffle/headache etc. These are the two extremes, everyone else falls somewhere in between.


In general I say pupils should come and watch unless they are ill enough to be off school.

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Honestly, I wish everyone that is sick and contagious would just stay home, both at the studio, at school and the workplace!!!

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